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Sometimes, circumstances surrounding family members' lives change, leading to the need to modify custody,      visitation, or support orders. We at Mickey Law Group are here to help you implement the necessary changes. Additionally, if you seek representation in a situation involving a modification that will adversely affect you and your family, we will skillfully and aggressively represent you.

The kinds of changes you might be facing include switching primary child custody, modifying the current visitation schedule, and revising support orders. All orders concerning these issues may be modified, provided there is a "substantial" change in your family’s circumstances.  


Unfortunately, modifications to previous agreements or legal orders do not always happen harmoniously. Often, these situations result from or during a dispute. In our experience, the best agreements occur when the involved parties are supported by competent attorneys who can negotiate the best resolution. When both parties strive for an agreement that best benefits the child without disruption or antagonism, the new terms of the agreement are far more likely to be met in the future. Regardless of the nature of your disagreement, however, we will go to court and fight for you if an agreement cannot be made. 

There are a variety of reasons that two parties may require modifications. Our attorneys are the very best at what they do and will be your strongest advocate in any court proceeding.


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