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Protect Your IP Assets


Starting a new business or making your side hustle into your full-time hustle is such an exciting time, and Mickey Law Group wants to help make sure your business is protected. Intellectual property (“IP”) protections like trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secret agreements are something business owners tend to neglect. Timely filing of these important protections saves you time and money while also preventing misuse of your IP.


Why Do You Need An IP Lawyer?


IP protection seems like an “extra” or something to do when you “start making money.” However, one of the worst things to do is spend years building a business brand only to receive a cease and desist from someone who owns what you thought was your brand. You could be forced to rebrand your entire business, which could be very costly.


There are plenty of DIY legal sites out there, but many of them offer inaccurate or incomplete information. A site that looks like it will charge next to nothing to file a trademark could easily end up costing you thousands if you don’t read the fine print. Speaking of fine print, you'll also notice in there that many of those sites aren't even run by attorneys! We’ll let you in on a secret… these sites offer to do exactly what you tell them. Meaning, you don’t get the benefit of a proper clearance search or an attorney completing your application utilizing legal knowledge to facilitate a smooth process.


Working with a licensed, experienced intellectual property attorney from Mickey Law Group is the best way to make sure your business's IP rights are protected. We start working with you from idea inception through implementation walking you through the trademark search process to filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) before your business is even open. MLG’S skilled attorneys also work to protect you and your brand from potential infringements and lawsuits. 



Filing federal trademark and copyright registrations cost just a fraction of what defending an IP lawsuit would cost. So while it is money that needs to be spent at a time when your business is just starting up, that money will go a long way in protecting the assets and profits of the business later on. Simply put, intellectual property rights are one of the most important assets of your small business and MLG offers a cost-effective way to make sure they are protected. Contact us today to get started.


Why Choose Mickey Law Group?


Attorney Kamisha Mickey is not just any attorney. She wants to see her clients win. She takes the time to get to know each client and their business so she can create a custom legal solution to help you achieve your goals and stay within your budget. At Mickey Law Group, you are not just another case. We specifically choose to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses rather than huge corporations. We’ve been in your shoes! You and your small business are the reason we love what we do, the reason we come to work every day. We want to see all of our clients succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


Partner With MLG To Set-Up Your Business For Success


MLG primarily handles trademarks, but also offers services in other IP areas including copyrights, patents, trade secrets, licensing agreements, and more. Our IP services are often offered in combination with our business formation and litigation services. We are adept at assisting businesses in various stages of operation. Our firm is based in Houston TX, but we serve IP clients all over the country. Contact Mickey Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

Properly protected intellectual property assets can enhance the value of your business. 
  • MLG offers a range of intellectual property services

    • Trademarks

    • Copyrights

    • Patents

    • Trade Secrets

    • Protection Against Infringement

    • Contracts for endorsements and licensing 

  • What do we do?

    • Identify intellectual property

    • Secure your rights

    • Protect your brand against unauthorized use

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